Let us introduce ourselves!

We are the modern Company with long history.

The company was founded in 1989 by
Thomas Schacht.

The name Brodersen in the company logo was chosen,
because in the founding year, a wholesale market area 
could only be rented, if one has taken over an existing company.

This gentleman was called Bernhard Brodersen.

Thus, the company's name became Brodersen & Schacht GmbH,

Mr.Brodersen held only 1% stake of the new company in the
first year. 

In the year 2000 the company personel was supplemented.
Since then, there are two shareholders Thomas Schacht and

Stefan Burmeister, who each have 50% of the companies stake.

Our core business lies in the trade of fruits, vegetables and
Exotics from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and overseas countries.

In 2008 we completed a ramp warehouse which now has a cooling surface of 2850 m2.

Our philosophy is to be able to offer our customer and consumer a safe and high-quality product with daily freshness.
Our mission to offer / deliver our products in such a way that not only the legal requirements but also the individual requirements of our customers are met.

To meet these tasks on a daily basis, we rely on a functioning quality management and competent business partners who have the same goal in mind.

We complete this with our certifications according to IFS Version 5, QS and BIO Standard.